Marketing for Hotel or Restaurant: increase your visits to the web

How to get Web traffic and customers?

Every day there are fewer sectors without competition on the Internet so the fight for web traffic becomes increasingly strong and fierce. And it can already be understood that today for many businesses it is the main source of customers and sometimes even the only one.

In the previous article we talked about marketing on TripAdvisor as an alternative or a starting point for hotel and restaurant businesses, before starting with the website and search engine positioning. We also mentioned that it is very difficult to position a website in the hospitality sector especially in cities as big as Barcelona, where the competition is enormous for keywords as generic as “barcelona restaurant”, “barcelona hotel” and bearing in mind that we also have to compete with professional portals such as Booking, TripAdvisor, El Tenedor, etc..

But what to do if you already have a website and need more visitors and customers? Don’t worry, not everything is lost and there are many ways to attract traffic to our website and get new or loyal customers.

Marketing for Restaurant : increase your traffic

Sources of traffic


Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex…

Although the sector is very competitive, not everything is lost and it is possible to run a website and get web traffic. To do this we have to go for the keywords more qualified and less competitive, ie instead of going for “hotel in Barcelona”, we go for “charming hotel in Barcelona”* and optimize our website by orienting it on these words. The restaurants and bars could be something like “happy hour Brussels”, “best hamburgers in Paris”, “best mojito”, “best coffee”, etc.

In order to be able to say which keywords we have to use it is necessary to make a study of the business, its services and products, its location, etc. and on the basis of the same make a study of keywords with potential that has a volume of searches minimally decent and less competition to be able to reach the desired positions with less effort and thus capture the potential traffic.

Think about how your potential customer could search for your particular site: by area, by services or products provided, by type of care…

If you are not a specialist in the SEO sector you will spend a lot of time researching and there is still no guarantee that the work done will achieve the expected results.

If you hire an online marketing agency or consultant – it will have a fixed monthly cost according to the volume of keywords, competition and expected results in the short, medium and long term.

Internet Advertising

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads…

One more possible alternative to organic (“free”) traffic is paid traffic. You pay per click or per number of impressions of your text ad or banner. The amount of traffic you can get through this channel is limited only by your budget and volume of searches in particular when we talk about advertising on search engines, for example Google, and by the traffic of websites and competition, when we talk about display campaigns on websites-partners of Google or other search engines.

The cost of a click (CPC) varies greatly depending on the sector, competition vs. Searches, and can be from 1 cent to more than 20 euros per click in the most competitive sectors. The most prominent paid advertising providers are: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Each one has its own particularities and costs, they vary quite a bit from one medium to another.

If you want to start with Google Adwords, couldn’t recommend enought to start with a specialist like Instaon.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagramm, Pinterest…

It is one of the most important sources of traffic and potential customers today. Companies that manage their social networks well make up to 30% of profits. With a good strategy in Social Networks you can get new customers and loyalty to the old, communicating new services and products, making offers and promotions.

The most difficult thing in Social Networks is to get followers to participate, so it is very important that the contents are of quality and generate “engagement”. This can be achieved in different ways: by asking the opinion of users on some issue, by publishing content that can generate some controversy.

Depending on the type of sector, it is more convenient to focus your efforts on different social networks. Thus, for a restaurant the most convenient thing would be to be present in Facebook, and for services focused to the companies, for example Catering or Events – in LinkedIn. Each and every network has its particularities, advantages and disadvantages, and for this very reason it is important to have very clear the type of client to which we turn to get better results.


In this case we are not talking about SPAM, which besides being illegal is very annoying for the users, but about taking advantage of one of the most valuable assets – your customers. Probably this option will not be applicable to all hotel businesses, but many of them can get more visits to your website and get more bookings or sell more services.

Through emails we can communicate to our customers new services, offer discounts or special offers, thus remembering our existence, generating traffic to our website and getting new orders.

As you can see from this article, not everything is lost for the hotel and catering sector online and you can get traffic and through many channels. All you have to do is get down to work and don’t lose the confidence you’ll get!